Wifey, the Cum Swallow Queen

Busty Wifey poses on the pool table
A little about Wifey: She is 5’6″, weigh around 125lbs, 36DD (or 34F) boobs. She has very large dark areolas and love to have her big nipples sucked on (especially during orgasm). She has never been a stripper, pornstar, hooker or any other job in the sex industry.
She LOVE having sex, and have never faked an orgasm on video. When she climax on the site it’s authentic. Why in the world would a woman want to fake an orgasm when she can actually HAVE one? Never could figure that out. I mean, can you ever imagine a guy saying “nah, I don’t want to cum, let’s just fake this scene” ? Never…
She also get off making her hubby climax. It’s not a job, it’s a LOVE. She really get off making his cock spurt, trying to see how much sperm she can coax out of him. Wifey enjoys having him cum in her mouth (She will swallow every drop a guy can muster) or she also loves to have a load blasted all over her face.
…And if you want something more, she have a store full of original things, like playing cards with her photos, the stripper ballpoint pen and the coffee mug! Naturally she have usual products too, like autographed photos, Dvds, Vhs and her wears. Take a look in the Wifey Store.
Now it is the time to see her in action:

Wifey make cum her hubby with tongue Wifey face splattered with her hubby jizz

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