Mom loves CUM

My mother is a whore. She’s a dirty slut who takes it anywhere and anyway she can get it. For pleasure and for money. And most of the men in the town have had their go with her. Of course to most ordinary nineteen year old guys to hear that said about their mother would be almost the most offence you could possibly cause. But I loved to think it about mine. Then again, my relationship with my mum wasn’t the average kind and she certainly wasn’t the average kind of mother. We’d always been very close, I was a shy, introverted kid growing up without many friends and she was young, sexy and fun so my mother was often like my best friend growing up. I never knew my father, just one of the many men passing through my mother’s life, she’d always been something of a nymphomaniac even as a teenager, and I had no siblings so it was just us. I had always known that she wasn’t like my friend’s mums, aside from being younger and more fun, in her attitude to family life and was well used to strange men being around at all hours.

In the last six months since I had become an adult and was wondering what to do with my life and whether I could survive in the wider world without the constant support of my mother, our relationship had undergone some changes. I was now well aware of just exactly the sorts of things that my mum got up to with these men. How did I know? Because she had begun to tell me, it had started off with her desiring to come clean about the way she made her money and supported us, now I was an adult she felt I could understand and not judge her too harshly for how much she enjoyed sex with random, strange men. That’s all it had been at first, a confession, but it had become so much more that was shared between us now. Just take this one example of an average Friday night. I heard the front door slam shut from in my bedroom, that mean that the man that had been here had left, he’d been pretty quick, no nonsense and I hadn’t even seen him as he came in and left. As soon as I heard that door slam shut, I hurried over to my mum’s bedroom to talk to her about this latest encounter. She lay back on her huge double bed, my still gorgeous in her 40s mother, looking flustered and tired. Her make up was smudged and her dark curly hair was a complete mess but to me this disheveled, just fucked look was the sexiest she ever seemed. She was dressed in a saucy pink satin negligee with one strap slipping down her arm and the hem riding up around her thigh. Aside from that all she wore were a pair of black lace topped stockings, one of which was slightly torn. She looked up as I came into the room and gave me a slightly tired little smile and patted a spot on the bed beside her.

“Come and sit by me, honey,” she said sweetly, “I’ve got a little bedtime story for you.” Doing just as she said, I walked in and sat down beside her on the bed, her hand found mine and started to stroke it gently. This close I could inhale her sweet scent intermingled with the musky odor of her recent lover. She turned to look at me and gave me another little grin. “Let me tell you, honey, this guy wasn’t wasting any time at all and didn’t exactly stand on pleasantries. As soon as I opened the door for him he was suggesting we take it up to the bedroom. And that was just fine with me; I was already feeling a heat and excitement down below just at the thought of it. He was a big, strong, broad shouldered guy with perfect chiseled features, a real man’s man and once in the bedroom he certainly took control of the situation. As soon as I let my robe drop to the floor to reveal this little number I was wearing beneath, his hands were all over me. He pressed his hard manly body against mine, his hands cupping my arse and kissing all over my face and neck. Soon, his hands were all over my breasts, seeming to know just what touches I needed to get me really flustered and excited.” As she said this a dreamy look in her eyes told me she was lost in the reverie as her own hand moved to grasp her D cups and fondle them through the thin soft satin.

“He pushed me down to my knees and pulled out his cock, it was long and thick, at least eight inches and already getting hard,” she continued in a deep, sensual voice that was making my own cock twitch and become harder, “Well, you know how much your slutty mummy likes to wrap her lips around a big, thick cock, so I was only too eager to oblige when he told me to suck him, worshipping the end of his manhood with my lips and tongue as I stroked along his shaft, getting him even harder and me even wetter, so much so that I used my free hand to slide inside my panties and begin to finger my pussy. But he wasn’t satisfied with this and once more he took control. Picking me up, he tossed me onto the bed and simply tore off my panties, pushing my negligee up around my waist to reveal my wet pussy, aching with desire.” She sighed at the thought as she began to caress my hand with more affection and ran her other hand along her stockings and thigh. I noticed where her panties lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, a revealing, tiny black lace thong, I’d seen it before, her arse looked amazing in it but she looked even better with her bare, shaved pussy exposed. “Mmm, oh, honey, it feels sooo good just thinking about him and his toned body and long, hard member,” my mother sighed again, “He pushed my legs wide open and lay on the bed between them. Running his hand along my satin covered waist and chest, he began to push his cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He didn’t hold back either, holding me down to the bed and completely dominating the pace. And the pace he wanted was furiously fast, deep and hard. He showed me no mercy as he violently ravaged my pussy but then, that’s just the way mummy likes it, isn’t it honey? A hard, rapid shafting deep in her pleasure zone. I was sighing and moaning and screaming so hard you probably heard it in your bedroom. My body was rocking with the force of his strong, manly fucking. Just as I was reaching an incredible climax, without warning, he shot his load deep inside me. You’d have liked him, son, he’s the kind of guy that came bucket loads, it was leaking out of my cunt and running down my legs as he pulled out and put his pants back on and walked out, leaving me exhausted on the bed and feeling completely used.”

She certainly painted a hell of a picture, she must have known what the thought of her being violently used by a tough man was doing to me, and my cock was really hard now, straining beneath my pants. One thing that’s for sure is that the memory was certainly making her feel pretty aroused once more. “Oh, mmm, honey, just telling you about it is making me feel all hot and bothered once more, making me feel his hardness entering between my thighs,” she gave a little laugh, “Look how wet your mum’s pussy is. God, your mum’s such a slut!” She opened her legs and turned to face me, pulling up the satin negligee, there was the sight I imagined in my mind, her shaved cunt and swollen pussy lips, wet with yearning desire. She hadn’t been wrong about her latest man either, he certainly had been one who hadn’t held back with his cum, it was leaking from her pussy and running over her thighs, staining her ripped stocking. My gorgeous mother, left used and full of cum, made me so very turned on. I pushed her further back and leaned down between her long, stocking legs. Pushing my lips to her left thigh, I began to lick her soft flesh, lapping up the drying; salty cum her lover had left on her. “Oh, oh, yeah, that’s it, honey,” my mother sighed, “Lick mummy clean.”

I moved over to the other thigh, delighting in getting all the sticky juices from her smooth thighs. I don’t know when this had happened but somewhere along the line I had started delighting in eating the cum my mother’s lovers deposited in and on her, not only did it give me a sense of being part of her being used and abased by these men but also I had grown to love the warm salty taste of it. And there was more, right now, in her beautiful pussy. “Oh, aaah, you’re such a good son, honey,” my mum purred, “Your mum’s been fucked so hard and her pussy’s all full of tasty cum. Please, eat me and clean out my dirty cunt!” I couldn’t refuse an offer like that, especially coming from the woman that raised me. I pushed her legs further apart and buried my face between them. She held the back of my head and pushed me further into her. I inhaled the scent of her pussy and the odor of the man who had taken her less than half an hour earlier. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and began to run it over and around it, lovingly lapping the delicious cream pie left inside my mother by her mystery lover, delighting in the taste of his juices mixing with hers, which were flowing even more freely with my oral attentions. “Aa aaah aaaaahhh, oh my God, that’s sooo good,” my mother moaned as I stuck my tongue into her pussy in the desperate search for more tasty cum, “Oh yeah, eat me, lick that cum up from deep inside me. You love the taste of cum in your mother’s pussy, don’t you honey? God, you’re a kinky fucker, I don’t know which is dirtier, wanting to eat out your own mother or your desperate lust for the taste of men’s juices. Does it turn you on to think that the salty cum on your lips comes from your slut whore of a mother giving it up to any man?” She had me just right, that was such a turn on, thinking of my sweet mother used and fucked and then licking that man’s juices right out of her, “Fuck honey, I’m gonna cum too if you keep it up.”

Sure enough, as I continued to lick my mother’s cunt, she began to writhe and wriggle, pushing her cunt up toward my mouth and holding the back of my head until I was almost suffocating with the closeness as I rubbed her clitoris with my tongue before going back to taste the last manly juices inside her and send her on a wave of ecstasy, leaking more of her own sweet juices. Finally my mother lay back with a gasp of satisfaction. “Aahh, yes,” she sighed, “That was quite an evening. You’re the best cum drinking, pussy eating son a woman could have.” That was just one occasion that shows off the sort of special relationship I had with my mother. But it wasn’t the first or the last time that she recounted to me her sexual adventures and I ate cum off her beautiful body. I loved how turned on it made me and her when she described the men that fucked her, she painted such a hot, sexual picture. So much so, however, that it made me really want to see what it was like, to really watch my slutty mother in action as she got fucked by a hunky guy. Finally, she relented, secretly I think the idea of being watched by her son was something of an extra turn on for her, and agreed to let me hide in her closet and watch her take on two guys that were regulars of hers. On the day in question, I concealed myself in the closet with the door enough ajar to get a good look around the room. I watched as my mother got herself ready, dressing herself in a tiny red micro mini skirt with a pleated hem that barely covered her panties and a black lycra off the shoulder crop top with ruffled sleeves. Her mass of curly hair fell over her bare shoulders and her face was heavily painted in rouge and scarlet lipstick. Her legs were bare and appeared even longer in her tiny micro mini. On her feet were a pair of clear seven inch heeled stripper platforms. All in all it was a classic hooker look and it made my mother look just like the fuckable little slut that she was.

There was a ring at the door and she went to answer it, leaving me for a moment to simply contemplate the thought of her in her slutty clothes. After a few minutes, she came back into the room and now she was accompanied by a couple of guys, both big, manly looking men with bulging biceps and broad shoulders. One had blond hair cropped short and stubble, she called him Liam, and the other had long dark hair and a fresh face and was called Mike. It seemed like a brief instant before my mother was on her knees and in each of her hands was a hard, thick penis. Mike’s was longer and thinner as her hand pumped along the shaft, Liam’s thick; shorter but still over six inches was the one in her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth on it. “Oh yeah, suck it bitch,” Liam moaned. “God, she’s such an eager slut still,” Mike grinned. Meanwhile, Mike reached down and yanked down her crop top, letting her impressively round and still quite pert breasts spill out, to which I let out an almost audible sigh. He cupped her breast in his hand and began to fondle it as she continued to stroke his cock. After a minute, she turned the attention of her lips on it too while her other hand still stroked Liam’s thick manhood. She licked in slow, short bursts around the head of Mike’s cock, gasping and sighing as she did so. “Oh yeah, mmm, you guys have such big tasty cocks, I just looove to lick them.” I’d heard her talk before about sucking men off and had pictured it in my head but I had never been able to imagine quite the incredible sight of my own mother, tits spilling out of her tiny top, on her knees, gobbling up a couple of huge cocks with the eagerness of a teenager and the skill of a porn star. “Oh, yes, come on Rachel, you’re still the best,” Liam sighed as she diverted her attention back to sucking on his meat.

“How about you let us get at your sweet pussy you dirty whore,” Mike said. “Oh, ooo, yes,” my mum took her lips from the cock in her mouth long enough to gasp her approval, “I wanna feel your big, long meat inside me Mike, momma wants to be fucked good today.” As she made that “momma” comment she looked directly at the closet where I hid with a lascivious grin on her face, I knew she was putting on an extra special show of it all just for me. She shifted her body so she was now knelt on all fours while Mike positioned himself kneeling behind her. As he pushed her tiny skirt up around her waist and pushed her legs wide open, she went back to slurping around Liam’s cock. Mike pulled her panties aside and pushed his cock up inside her, beginning to fuck her in a doggy style position while she did her best to deep throat Liam, her eyes wide open and her holes and both ends filled with hard manhood. Her massive round tits wobbled back and forth beneath her as Mike took her hard from behind and, as he withdrew, Liam thrust into her throat, totally impaling her from both ends. She was completely helpless, completely at the mercy of these two strong men as they both rammed their cocks in and out of her, hard and fast with no mercy. This was my mother as I’d never seen her before. Of course I knew her as the major dominant authority figure in my life but I had seen some of her sexual side in recent months. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the incredible sensual sight of my gorgeous mother on all fours, completely submissive before the incredible power of two studly men as they double penetrated her. It’s not something anyone ever expects to see of their mother but it was an incredible turn on.

“Oh yeah, take it Rachel, you dirty whore,” Mike moaned, “You love it don’t you? Giving your pussy and mouth up completely to men, being a slutty, cock loving whore! Oh God, oh fuck, yes!” After a while of this, Liam pulled out of her mouth and sat up on the bed, “Come on then Rachel, you slut, I want a go at that nice little arse of yours.” Once again, my mother was eagerly obliging, standing up and sitting astride his lap, facing away from him and towards me so she gave me a flash of her full naked breasts and just fucked pussy as she slid his cock up her arse. My view was then obscured by Mike as he stood between both of their legs and stuck his dick back inside her pussy so now my mother was sandwiched between these two muscular hunks as they fucked her back and forth between their big cocks. I could just see her head thrown back as they pushed her beautiful body back and forth between them, fondling her big, wobbling breasts as she groaned and screamed. “Oh, oh, oh, ah, Oh God! OH Fuck me, oh yes, aaaah,” she cried, “Oh mmm, fuck momma, fuck her hard! Oh yes, mummy wants your cum, cover me with your fucking cum!”

“Uh, ahhh, oh, Rachel, fuck yeah, oh, I’m gonna cum pretty soon for you!” Liam groaned as my mum bounced on his cock. “OK, honey, cum for me, cum on my face, soak my beautiful tits with your warm cum!” my mum groaned, “Oh yeah, my baby wants his momma soaked in manly cum so shoot your load on my face, on my tits, cum all over me boys! Cum for my baby, for my honey! Oh fuck yes, he loves his cummy mummy!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing come out of my mother’s mouth, as two studly men fucked her arse and pussy she was directing all her moans and screams especially for me hiding in the closet watching her, she was begging them to cover her in their delicious cum and they, maybe confused by some of what she was saying, never the less appeared happy to oblige. Mike pulled out of her pussy and stood aside to allow her to get off Liam and return to her place kneeling before their cocks as they jerked off, so near to climaxing. “Oh, fuck, I can’t hold back any further, Rachel, here it comes baby,” Mike groaned as he shot a load of cum directly into my mother’s mouth. “Mmmm, that’s it boys, cover mummy’s beautiful body, my honey wants to see my face sticky with your manly jizz and my breasts soaking in it,” my mum sighed again as a second spurt shot from Mike’s cock across her cheek. “I’m gonna cover those sweet tits in dirty cum, Rachel, oh God, fuck!” Liam sighed as a string of cum shot out of his cock across my mother’s cleavage. Now both guys were cumming bucket loads of sticky white stuff all over my mother, a string from Mike’s cock covered a line from her dark hair right across her face to her chin while Liam shot another string of it all over her breasts.

“Oh yeah, you sure can cum for me guys, my baby’s going to be so pleased to see me all sticky and cumsoaked. My honey loves the taste of salty cum and loves to eat it from his mummy’s curvy body. Give mummy all your cum, soak her face and fill her mouth, let my baby drink it down!” Her face completely covered, Liam and Mike finished up by shooting everything they had left right inside her open and eagerly awaiting mouth until there was milky white liquid leaking from the sides of her lips. Finally spent, they dressed and exited the room quickly leaving her used and completely covered in copious amounts of her cum. I couldn’t even wait for them to leave the house. As soon as the bedroom door closed, I exited the closet, not able to discard the raging hard-on that I had sustained watching my hot mother fucked every way by two hard studs and then getting covered in their cum just for me. And to me, the disheveled, drenched and sticky woman on her knees before me was the most beautiful my mother had ever been. I knelt beside her and she took my head in her hands and tipped it back. She leaned over and I could see her face close up, she was dribbling cum, their were bubbles of it between her lips and a drop ran down her chin, there were lines of white all over her face and into her hair, a large drop on her long eyelash. She opened up my mouth and, from her position leaning above me, was able to open hers and let a stream of cum drip from her mouth and straight down my throat. I had never drunk so much in one go, it tasted amazing and it was such a turn on to see my mother, sticky with cum feeding me with it from her own mouth.

When her mouth was mostly empty, I swallowed my mouthful and sat up. I looked into her eyes and kissed her on the lips, they tasted warm, salty and sticky, just the way I liked it. I began to kiss and lick all over my mother’s face, cleaning her up and eating up all the cum that I could that was all over her beautiful face. Oh, yes, thank you mum,” I sighed as I licked her cheek free of a big load of white juices, “It was soooo amazing watching you give yourself up to those lovely hard cocks, seeing them penetrating deep into your pretty pussy, mum, it was such a turn-on,” I sucked a drop off her chin, “And thank you sooooo much for having them soak you in tasty cum, this is the best a son could ask from his mother, I love you so much and I love cum and more than anything I love eating cum off your gorgeous body,” her face mostly clean I had now switched to suckling on her sticky breasts, tasting all the manly juices that covered them as I kissed her firm nipples, it felt weird, suckling at my mother’s breasts but licking up men’s cum not milk, definitely the kind of weird feeling that made me especially aroused, my cock was still harder than ever before, “Mmmm, oh god, yes, you taste sooo gooood mum, your such a slut getting so cum covered and I love you for it.” “Oh, honey, you’re the slut, really, sooo desperate for cum like a dirty teenage porn star, and you can’t get enough of it, cleaning every sticky inch of mummy’s body so eagerly. I bet you’d make a great cocksucker just like your mummy, you love cum soooo much you’d be amazing at it.” And that was it, the suggestion of me sucking a cock for a shower of delicious cum was too much for me, with a sigh and burying my head in the sticky cum between my mother’s breasts, I felt myself shoot my own load in my pants, without ever touching my cock. It was strange but amazing, seeing my mother fucked and soaked in cum and then licking her clean, it seemed all my fantasies had come true, but there was more to come.

A couple of weeks later, my mother surprised me by telling me she had invited around a guy she liked to fuck every now and then who was bisexual and liked pretty boys as much as hot women, she said that she’d really like it if this time I could take part in her sex fun with her. I was only too thrilled. Although, to tell the truth I was a little nervous about sucking a guy’s cock, I’d never done anything remotely like that before, but I was more excited than scared, excited about coming closer to my beautiful mother in enjoying sucking cock and being soaked in cum with her just as she would. My second surprise came as I realized that I knew this guy. He was the father of one of my school friends. Not that anything could make the situation of being inducted into bisexual sex by my own mother any weirder. He was called Kevin Peters and his son Ryan and I used to hang out a lot. Kevin was tall and quite well built with sandy hair and a little goatee beard. My mother had me let him in while she went upstairs and got ready. It was a little awkward between me and Kevin even if he didn’t perhaps realize he was my friend’s dad, we were both a little unsure of how to behave and it was a relief to hear my mother’s voice calling us upstairs. As ever, she looked stunning, today she was virtually naked, those gorgeous breasts and shaved pussy completely on view, all she wore were a pair of red fishnets and some black patent six inch stilettos that showed off those sexy legs. “Hi Kevin,” she said, shamelessly flaunting her beautiful nakedness, “I see you’ve got acquainted with our little cumbucket here,” she nodded at me, making me blush horribly, “Why don’t you boys lose your clothes too.”

In a few minutes both me and Kevin stood even more naked than she was. I could now check out his body, it was skinny but well built and his cock was long, thick and uncut and, as he began to stroke it, it became hard too. “That’s a nice big cock Kevin’s got there, isn’t it honey?” my mum said to me as she came over to us, taking Kevin’s hand from his cock, she began to stroke it instead with her left hand while her right reached for mine, “I bet it’s full of those juices you love so much, come on baby, why don’t you get a feel.” She moved my hand so it was on Kevin’s cock, all of us standing in a triangle with Kevin’s beast sticking out in the middle of us. It felt warm and alert to touch, instinctively, I began to stroke it. Following my mother’s example, I ran my hand up and down the shaft as she kissed Kevin and then me on the lips. She got to her knees and began to lick his warm dick. “Mmmm, that’s the kind of taste mummy likes,” she sighed, “And I’m sure her baby will too, come and have a lick, honey.” I found myself on my knees beside her, mouth open as she directed his long, hard member between my lips. It felt warm and excited at the touch of my tongue. Something about this felt right, on my knees with the head of a man’s cock in my mouth as my own mother stroked the shaft. There was a musky odor and the slightest taste of those salty juices I love so much. My mother pushed my head further down so a couple of inches of hard, manly cock were inside my mouth before she let me back off it. I’d seen her sucking cock like a dirty whore from the closet a few days before and knew just how it was done, bobbing up and down, letting it slip from my mouth to lick the veiny shaft and kiss the head. “Oh yeah, he sucks cock just like his mother,” Kevin groaned, “Looks like you’ve got another slut in the family, Rachel.”

“Mmmm, yeah,” my mum replied as she sucked on his balls, “He’s a natural, look how much he loves to suck cock, he just wants the cum so much, look how hard he is.” She was right, my cock was as stiff and erect as the one in my mouth. I was imagining that twitch and a stream of thick white man juice shooting out of it, covering me all over in cum like men always did with my mother. But it wasn’t to happen just yet. “Oh, I wanna fuck your pussy now, Rachel,” Kevin sighed, taking his cock from my mouth, much to my disappointment. My mother lay back on the bed and opened her red fishnet covered legs wide. Kevin slotted between them and slid his dick, wet with my and my mother’s saliva, deep into her pussy. She began to gasp and moan as he slid his cock in and out, fucking her with eager abandon. “Come on over, honey,” my mum sighed as he shafted her, “Come and lick mummy’s pussy as Kevin fucks me.” I did as she asked, kneeling and leaning over my mother’s glorious body. As Kevin pushed into her pussy, I licked around her clit and along his shaft as he withdrew it. Every now and then, he would take his cock from my mother’s pussy and shove it into my mouth, fucking my face for a few seconds and giving me even more taste of my mum’s pussy juices, before sliding back inside her pussy. “Aaaah, yes, oh, fuck guys, I’m gonna cum,” my mother’s body shook with ecstasy, “Oh wow, OH YEAH, FUCK ME!!! It’s so amazing having my pussy fucked while my son goes down on me! Oh honey, you deserve all the salty cum you’re gonna get!!”

“Mmmm, I’m gonna cum for you Rachel,” Kevin groaned, “I’m gonna soak you and your slutty cocksucking son!!” He pulled out and began to stroke his cock as my mother slid from the bed, her juices still leaking from her pussy and put her lips back around his cock. I joined her and soon we were both using our best cocksucking skills desperately trying to make my friend’s dad cum all over us.

“Oh yeah, that’s it guys, it’s coming soon! Oh fuck two dirty cocksuckers desperate for cum. Well you’re gonna get it soon, get it all over your faces, in your hair, on your breasts!! OH FUCK, AAAH I’M CUMMING!!!!”

“Come on baby, drink it down!” my mum cried as she took Kevin’s dick from her mouth and pointed it at my face just at the moment when he blew his load, shooting cum right across my face.

The second load I caught in my mouth, it was so warm and juicy. I’d never had cum this fresh before and it tasted amazing. I allowed him to completely fill my mouth with a couple more spurts before he turned and came across my mum’s forehead and into her dark hair. Another shot covered her ample chest, while he came again on my face so a line of cum dribbled down my chin onto my chest. In a few minutes, my mother and I were both alike, sticky hair faces dripping with warm, salty white cum, drips and bubbles on our lips. We stared into each other’s eyes, opened our mouths and showed each other how we each swallowed mouthfuls of white liquid at the same time. It was a magic moment, a rare thing to be shared between mother and son and only interrupted by my sigh as I felt my own dick which I had been stroking spurt out all over the carpet. “Oh well, looks like you’re gonna have some cleaning up to do, honey,” my mother smiled at me, her lips still sticky and cum dripping from her face, “We’re so filthy and so the room, that’s gonna keep my cum loving baby pretty busy for now, isn’t it?” And you know what, it did.