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I and my wife have been married for over 2 years. My wife and I visited her mother a few times a year. My wife is very close and friendly with her mom, so we always find a way to visit her mom who lives alone. To be honest, I always hated going because it was too boring. You do all those conversations concerning cooking, housing, washing secrets. When the day of visiting her mom came I felt sad because I was expecting this visit. But anyway, we got into the car and drove away.

The visit started out the same as usual. We arrived there just by the dinner. Her mom had cooked a nice French dish with spicy gravy. Though I was tired from the long road, I was happy to savor such tasty meal, because my mother in law was a great cook. We talked what we all had been doing the past few months since our last visit and then we sat down to dinner. The dinner, against all expectations, appeared to be luxurious, lavish and hearty. 4 types of salads, pasties and spices! Everything was really OK except one thing! I noticed something different in my wife’s mom. Barbara, who was my wife’s mother, was looking at me differently. She had hunger in her eyes. I glanced at her from tops to feet, well, this woman was still a hot spicy doll! Though she was not slender and slim, and put up a weight due to her age, she was still hot! However, I tried to ignore her looks. Frankly, it made me feel rather uncomfortable. It was around 11 of the night and my wife said that it was time to go to sleep. She said that she wouldn’t wait for me and went to sleep at once. I stayed to help her mom with cleaning up. When we were done, I decided to go upstairs and take a shower and this is where the night became interesting.

I was taking a rather long shower just to relax from the long drive and the long night of boring conversation. When I heard a knock on the door, I thought it was Samantha (my wife) and told her to come in. However, it was Barbara. I hid behind the shower curtain. She said:

“I’m so sorry, but you’ve been in here so long and I really have to pee” I told her to go ahead and turned back. I proceeded with my shower, but after about 5 minutes, I noticed she was still in the bathroom. However, this time she was standing in the middle of the bathroom in her underwear! I never saw Barbara wearing panties! So, this sight turned me on badly! Barbara said:

“Sorry, but my nightie is here and can’t sleep without it”

I didn’t mind if she take her nightie and go off, but what happened next completely shocked me. She opened the shower curtain and licked her lips!

“So, this is why Samantha married you” she said staring at my cock. I blushed and said:

“What the hell are you doing?” I said:

“I’m just watching my son-in-law, is that bad for you?”

The situation was awkward and I didn’t know what to do. She proceeded to take off her bra, showing me her huge tits and asked me if I liked her boobs. I said that her tits are good but asked her to stop. Well, she didn’t listen to me at all. She proceeded to take off her panties. Now she was standing in front of me naked. I could see her pussy was still hot, shaved and yummy. And again, to my surprise, she had a shaved pussy and it looked very tasty. At this point, I had no idea what to do. She was my mother-in-law, but she looked so sexy and my cock was hard. I closed the shower curtain, hoping she would leave. Of course this did not work. She got into the shower with me. She got on her knees and immediately took my long, thick cock deep into her mouth!

“Do you really want me to stop?” she asked with mouth filled by my penis. I didn’t answer….So she kept sucking my cock. It felt so good. She would take my cock all the way deep down her throat and then pull out easily! Her throat was so deep and her tongue was working very well on my manhood! This old slut knew how to suck! I grabbed her by her head and pulled her up. I began kissing her. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. She kissed me hard and deep. She said:

“I want you to treat me like a slut! Fuck me any way you want! Fuck me like a dirty whore!”

We got out of the shower, but I left the shower running so that it was like I was still in the shower. I put her against a wall and began sucking on her tits. Her nipples were huge and hard. She started moaning with pleasure. I moved my way down her wet body. Her pussy was wet and warm. I slide my fingers into it. It felt nice….and she moaned louder with pleasure. I laid down on the floor and told her to place that pussy on my face.

She straddled my face and lowered her dripping cunt on my mouth! I slid my tongue deep into her pussy! She bent over my ankles and took my mouth all the way in! 69 position! As she sucked my cock I fingered and licked her pussy. Then, suddenly, she began to quiver and moan louder and after that a gush of her juices came all over my face….She squirted hard on my face! And it tasted so good! I got back up and put her against the wall again, this time picking her up and allow her to wrap her legs around my waist. When she did and her back touched the wall, my cock slammed into her pussy. She screamed loud. I continued to ram her pussy over and over again! She convulsed and pushed out a huge load of cum all over my balls! I could feel it running down my dick!

I told her I wanted to fuck her from behind. She thought I meant doggie style, but I had another plan! She got on all fours like I asked turning her big round ass to me. At first, I slid my cock into her and fucked her until this old slut came again! Then, at this time I pulled out and put my cock into her ass! She screamed with pain but soon her screams turned into pleasure moans! She was getting hornier the longer I fucked her! She was saying that I was the first one in her ass and she needed I fuck her ass hard! Her ass was perfect for a good fuck. She loved every minutes of it. I fucked her approximately 15 minutes like that, her anus ring was squeezing my cock! She started saying that she needed badly my cum on her face and she wanted to taste that young cum! After fucking her ass hard for about 5 minutes I pulled out. She got on her back and spread open her legs. I stuck my cock into her and fucked her pussy over and over! Within this short period she came 3 or 4 more times and she came hard. She moaned like some dirty backstreets chip whore! Finally was I ready to shoot, I withdrew my cock and directed it towards her face! she opened her mouth and a heavy jet of cum flew out of my shaft and landed on her face from her forehead to the chin, then, again and again, spurts kept falling all over that sluttish face!

After we finished, she looked at me and said:

“Finish your shower and go to your wife! We have a busy day tomorrow”. I finished my shower and went down to get my wife. She was awake and she was rubbing her pussy. She was laying on the bed naked with legs widespread. She was looking at me horny and said:

“I’m so horny I want your cock now. Fuck me now!” I was a bit nervous because I just spent the last half an hour on fucking her mom, and had no idea if I could get that cock hard quick enough. However, Samantha helped me, she engulfed my cock in her throat and started sucking me greedily, somehow even better than her mom. Well, she hadn’t given me too much blow jobs before, and this time it was awesome! I was so turned on my cock grew quickly. I was lying on my back, she approached me and put her dripping wet pussy right in my face. I immediately started eating her.
She was being so aggressive, for she was not usually like that! She was being the naughty bitch, some dirty slut, as her mom! She came hard while my tongue was in her pussy, flooding my face with gallons of her tasty juices! Her large boobs were bouncing over my head! Then she lowered down and started riding my cock hard. She came as her mom, again and again. Then I turned her around, pushed a few pillows under her so that her ass would poke up and began fucking her like that! She continued to cum! Finally, I was close to cumming. At the very last second I covered her face with all my load, and I swear, this load was bigger and much more affluent than the previous one I gave her mom!

I was very tired the rest of the weekend.