My Lover, My Son

Since his divorce, my son has been so busy at work that he hasn’t had a lot of time to go out and meet anyone, so he spends a lot of time with me. I absolutely adore him, he is everything I could hope to have in a man, except that he is my son.
We had been talking about taking some time just to get away somewhere, some place quiet so he could get away from his job and just relax. We rented a small cabin at a beautiful lake for the week, amazing just him and I for a week.
He doesn’t know about the feelings I have for him, how me makes my pussy tingle just by the way he looks at me. And when he is at my house and too tired to drive home, I want so badly to have him touch me and hold me.
I don’t know how I am going to make it for a week and not go crazy with lust. I feel so ashamed of myself, but my body seems to have a mind of its own when he is nearby.
My pussy starts to tingle and then it gets so wet, I have to hide in my room and masturbate like crazy, hoping he doesn’t hear me moaning. I have to hide my face in my pillow to keep it quiet so he doesn’t hear me screaming his name when I cum.
The lake is couple hours drive from where we live, so we pack up the car and start on our way, the sun is warm and I feel a little drowsy, I lay my head back and close my eyes, I must have dosed off, because when I open my eyes again I find I am laying on my son’s shoulder, my hand on his thigh.
Oh my it feels so good to touch him, his leg muscles are so tight, I quickly close my eyes again, I don’t want him to know I’m awake. I squirm a little in my seat moving just a little closer. I feel his arm brush against my breast and my nipple instantly grows hard, I have to bite my tongue to keep from moaning.
I feel his hand drop to my knee, I’ve always known that he likes his women in a dress and wearing nylons. I dressed for him today. I feel his hand lightly caressing me, it sends shivers all up and down my body, my stomach muscles are tensing from the excitement.
I squirm a little more and I feel him start to pull his hand back and I grab it and look at him and say, “Please son, don’t stop.”
“I’m sorry Mom, but I couldnt help myself”… he says.
I shush him and tell him that I liked the way his hand felt on my knee, that it felt wonderful to be touched like that.
“Rick there is something that I have to tell you, I hope you understand, and I hope that you will still want to spend this week with me. Ever since you were a teenager, I have fantasized about you, I have wanted to touch your body like a woman touches her lover, I have wanted to taste your lips, and I have wanted to make love to you. Ever since that one day I came home from work early and seen you masturbating and smelling my panties, I have struggled with the wanton desires. Watching you taste the crotch of my panties and stroking that magnificent cock of yours then watching you cum into my panties, baby you have no idea how much I have wanted to feel you cum inside me. Just having you brushing my breast with your arm and feeling your hand on my knee has my pussy getting wet. Would you like to feel me?”
I take his hand and put it on my pussy he can feel the heat and the wetness through my panties. I feel his fingers moving over my freshly shaved mound feeling the wetness. Oh God I may cum if he pushes just a little harder. Then an amazing thing happens, he pulls his hand from my pussy and brings his fingers to his lips and sucks them into his mouth, actually tasting me.
I reach over and put my hand on his growing cock, and I smile, I know my son is wanting me right now at least, how long it will last I have no way of knowing.
When we get to the cabin, he rushes from the car to register and then rushes back, we drive the short ways to a private cabin away from all the rest of them.
He jumps from the car and runs to open the door he waves me inside and as I approach the door he stops me and swoops me up into his strong arms and carries me inside as though I was his bride.
He carries me to the bedroom and gently sets me on my feet, his head lowers and I feel his soft lips on mine. I swear I have died and gone to heaven. Our lips part slightly and I feel his tongue rubbing my bottom lip, its so seductive.
My knees are growing weak and if he wasn’t holding me so tight against him I would fall.
I feel his hands caressing my back and his lips moving over mine, our tongues meet and I moan as his explores my waiting mouth.
My hands are pulling him harder into me I cant believe how good he feels against me.
He unzips my dress and pulls it from my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor followed closely by the slip from around my waist. He undoes my bra and slides it from me as well. Left standing in only my panties and nylons, I feel him pull himself away from me and he looks me over from head to toe.
He looks me in the eye and says, “You’re not the only one that has spent time fantasizing, mom. I have heard you in your room masturbating almost nightly and I lay there wishing it was me you were making love to. My cock would throb with need for release as I listened to you moaning and then when I cum I have to bite my lip to keep from yelling your name. You have no idea how badly I wanted to come to your room and make love to you all these many months.”
He continued, “How many times I would sneak into your room and take your panties so I could smell your sweet pussy and stroke my cock with them until I would shoot my cum all over my chest and stomach.”
With that being said my son dropped to his knees and pushed his nose into my pussy and I heard him take a deep breath smelling my juices from my soaking cunt.
“Lay back on the bed Mom and spread your legs.”
I started to take off my panties and he stopped me.
“No Mom, please leave them on for now.”
I lay back and part my legs, propping myself up on my elbows, I watch him as he licks my pussy through my panties, when his tongue touches me I cant help but gasp, the electric feeling shot up through my cunt right into my stomach, it felt so good.
I feel him pushing his tongue hard on my pussy lips tasting me trying to spread my lips apart.
“Oh god Rick, stop or I will cum,” I tell him.
He pushes the panties aside and sucks my lips into his hot mouth.
“Yesss,” I hiss at him, “suck my pussy baby, mmmmm your going to make me cum baby.”
He pulls his head back and my swollen pussy lips pop from his mouth, he lowers his head again and I feel his tongue parting my lips and diving into my pussy, over and over again like a hard cock pistoning in and out of me. My cunt is dripping, my muscles are tensing I’m going to cum.
“Oh baby I’m going to cum on your tongue.”
His hand reaches up and I feel him rubbing my clit in small circles, his tongue dipping into my hole.
“Fuck me baby, fuck meee, I’m cumming.”
Is all I can hear him saying as my cunt grinds into his face and my hips start bucking as my cunt convulses and squeezes his tongue, my cum running into his mouth and over his tongue coating his chin.
Panting I beg him, “Please Rick, I need you inside me now I need your cock in me. I need you to fuck me hard baby.”
I feel him stand and his hands are on my hips and he pulls my panties down, raising my hips so he can slide them off, I feel him taking his pants off . I watch that beautiful cock pressing against his boxers.
Sitting on the edge of the bed my fingers trace the shape of his big cock and I hear him moaning, looking up into his face I see he has my panties pressed to his nose and mouth.
I reach out and pull down his boxers, his rigid cock pops out at me, I reach out and for the first time since he was a small boy I touch my son’s cock.
My hand closes around him and I start to stroke his cock. The skin is so soft and I marvel at how big and hard he is. I want to put him in my mouth and taste him.
I pull him closer and press his cock against my lips kissing the head, then my lips part and I take his head inside my mouth holding him with my lips. I swirl my tongue over the head tasting his precum as it drips from the opening. I stick the tip of my tongue in there and taste his nectar.
Amazing is all I can say to describe how he tastes.
I swallow more of his cock into my mouth and stroke it as it goes in.
I hear him saying, “Yes mom suck my cock , take me, oh that feels so good.”
I feel him at the back of my mouth and I swallow again and feel him enter my throat, then I hear him gasp. He wasn’t expecting that, briefly I hold him in my throat and then I pull back I feel his hand on my head stroking my hair, moaning with pleasure.
He tells me, “Stop Mom, I don’t want to cum in your mouth.”
“I want to make love to you and cum inside you.”
I scoot back on the bed and feel him crawl between my legs, still holding my panties as he does.
He leans over and puts the panties on my lips and lowers his head and kisses me through them.
I feel him pushing them into my mouth with his tongue so we can both taste me on them.
How sexy is that?
I feel him move his hips and his cock is brushing against my pussy, my hand goes down between us and I guide him to my opening, rubbing his cock over my lips parting them, I have wanted this for so long, to feel my sons cock inside my cunt.
I feel him pushing into me so slowly.
“Oh yes, oh yes, just like that sweetie oh you are so big, its been so long that I have wanted you.”
“I have always loved you but today I am making love with you.”
“Your cock is so hard and so big, it fills my pussy, I feel every ridge every movement.”
“Yes baby fill me.”
His slow steady rythym is making me so hot, so wet, my cunt is on fire.
“I want to cum baby go just a little faster, yes just like that.”
“Oh Rick feel me i’m going to cum on your cock baby, I’m going coat you.”
“Aaaaahhhhhhhh Rickkkkkk i’m cumming babyyyyyy.”
My hips rising to meet his, as he pushes deeper into me, my pussy rippling up and down the length of his cock.
“Oh Rick yessssssss.”
“As my orgasm is released, I finally get to scream out.
“Rickkkkk, fuuuuuck meee baby, fuuck me hard.”
I feel him picking up the pace and with his lips on mine, I feel him groaning into my mouth.
I hear him say to me, “Mom, I’m cumming in your sweet pussy.”
“Oh my God feel me Mom, I’m cumming in my Mothers pussy.”
“Feel my cock spurt my seed inside you, fuckkkkkkkkk me, Mommmmmmm I’m cuminggggg.”
Rope after rope of hot semen bursts into my pussy causing my cunt to convulse and squeeze around him once again my pussy milking his cock.
“Rick, yes baby fill your mom’s pussy fill me full baby… fuccccccckkkkkk yesssss.”
His tired body collapses on mine. Our lips tasting each other as we kiss again.
I feel his flaccid cock sliding from my pussy.
He rolls to the side and pulls me against him holding me, so tight and sweetly.
He tells me, “This has been my dream for years, but I never knew how to make it happen. I love you Mom, not as a son loves his mother, but as a man loves his wife.”
Gently his lips caress the back of my neck as we drift off for a quick nap.
Holding each other, we promise each other that this is going to be the best week of our lives.