My Grand Mother Lesson

A couple of days later I came home like I usually do. Went strait to my room, this time I didn’t close the door. I didn’t need to anymore since the only other person in the house knew what I was doing. I took my clothes off and piled them on the floor and sat at my desk. I heard her at my door “Would you like another lesson”. I turned and smiled, she was wearing just a robe. “I hoped you would” she said as she stepped in to my room and dropped her robe. “I used to look at you in the shower through a crack in my door and prayed a day like this would come”. She led me to the bed. Sitting against the headboard she spread her legs and showed me her pussy. She pointed out the parts, (inner-labia, outer-labia, clitorous, and other parts). I couldnt help noticing her moistening up. As she moved my head slowly closer to her she told me to lick her labia and run my tongued around in her slit. I did as she told me she was teaching me how orally please a woman. She then told me to flick my toungue across her clitorous. I noticed her breathing kept changing. “Now suck on it, like a lollipop”. Pointing to an opening she guided my finger to it and told me to put it in. She felt so soft and warm, like wet velvet as I probed her.

I felt her tighten as she grabbed the back of my head pushed her hips to my mouth hard. She was cumming in my mouth. As she comes down she lets out a little moan “Hmmmm, that felt wonderful. Now lets really drive you crazy”. Telling me to get on my back she straddles me. I start to wonder what she is doing as she lowers her mouth. Then I feel her warm lips part and my shaft disappears in her warm wet mouth. She stops long enough to tell me “This is a blow-job, or bj”. I just know I dont want her to stop. Just as I am about to cum she stops. “Good nice and stiff, just the way I like it. Now for the grand finally. Im going to pop that little virgin bubble of yours and I cant wait to feel it”. She lowers herself on to my cock going up and then down a little further each time. She asks how it feels. “Warm, wet, and soft. Almost like your mouth only hotter”. “Thats what pussy is suppose to feel like, now just enjoy and dont get too loud”. She pounds up and down on me. I feel her tighten and lock as she presses down hard on my stomach. “When you feel a woman do that you’ve done something right. You’ve gotten her off. Time is getting short, now its your turn”. she repositions herself and rocks her hips. In almost no time I start losing control “Dont fight it, just cum. Let it fill me up”. I press hard up against her “Good boy, cum for grandma. Let me feel your virginity flood me”. I relax back on to the bed. Grabbing my hand she pulls me to the shower. “We need to get clean before your mother gets home and you deserve another hand-job for that perfomance”. Later that night she comes in to tell me good night. Running her hand under the sheet and rubbing my cock she whispers in my ear “Tomorrow I’ll teach you doggie. You can watch my butt jiggle while you fuck me from behind”. Im getting hard just thinking about it.