My Mom Fucked The Stripper

My husband Bob and I just got married in December at Walt Disney World after an almost year long engagement. I met him through a friend a few years ago and last February on Valentine’s Day he asked me to marry him. It was terribly romantic and a complete surprise to me.

I was pretty busy with teaching my second grade class and with all the preparations of my dream wedding. One Friday after school ended last October, my mother, my aunts and several of my friends surprised me by picking me up in a limousine. My fellow faculty members cheered and hollered as we drove away from the school. My best friend passed me a champagne filled flute and everyone raised their glasses and cheered, “Welcome to your bachelorette party Sharon!” We headed into downtown Orlando and had a few drinks each before we arrived at the hotel.

We climbed out of the limo and headed into the hotel and sat in the bar and enjoyed several more drinks. Amber checked in with the front desk and returned to our table to announce it was time to head up to my next surprise. I was having a great time with my girlfriends and also one of my aunts whom I hadn’t seen in a few years because she lived in Texas. Amber blindfolded me and everyone guided me onto the elevator and down the hall to our suite.
Once inside the suite, they sat me down in a large chair removed my blindfold. I could not believe my eyes when I saw three gorgeous specimens of men dancing in front of me. I squealed and turn various shades of red. All my friends and family went crazy once the dance music started and the strippers began to strip out of their firemen costumes just inches from my face. I will admit my pussy was getting pretty wet from watching these gorgeous men.

I couldn’t help but notice how much fun my mom was having. She has always gotten out of hand whenever she drinks and this evening was no exception. She was going wild. My mom had a glass of champagne in one hand and pulled one of the strippers against her and was dirty dancing with him, grinding against his bright silvery g-string. I don’t like my step-dad and couldn’t care less if my mom was cheating on him; she was always quite the slut. Every time the stripper attempted to move on from my mother, she would keep his attention by shoving $20 bills into his g-string. My aunts and my girlfriends thought it was pretty funny and kept laughing at her, but I just couldn’t bear to watch her. It was so embarrassing.

The party continued and I tried to keep my distance from my mom, but out of the corner of my eye, I had noticed her on her knees in her party dress with the strippers cock in her mouth. My mom was giving him a fucking blow job in front of everyone!! I tried to keep my eyes on one stripper but suddenly caught my mom sucking cum from his rather large dick. I was mortified. How could my mom do this at MY bachelorette party!? I was ready to crawl under the sofa and hide for the rest of the evening. But it gets even better! My aunt who I had not seen in a few years was next to my mother sucking off the other stripper!

I think everyone of my friends had to admit though that these two older birds had quite the talent and really knew how to suck cock. The guys certainly looked to be enjoying themselves. After the show the strippers gave we were ready to head down to the club and dance the night away. Everyone except my mom! She pulled back her stripper and paid him a few extra hundred bucks and had him stay behind in the room. All of us headed downstairs while she stayed behind and got fucked.

She caught up later with us after an hour and a half and decided she just had to fill us in on all the nasty details. After we had left the room, she drew the curtains open so she could see his splendid body in the moonlight. He did have a spectacular body and was very nicely tanned all over if you know what I mean. She took the half filled champagne bottle and poured the remaining amount of champagne all over his body and pushed him onto the bed. There she stripped off her dress and in her big double D bra and full panties and pantyhose, crawled over his wet body and licked every drop of champagne off him. Mom said his dick was rock hard when she slid her horny pussy over top of it and ground herself against it until she had a big orgasm. I wanted to plug my ears by this point.

She went on to brag about what an incredible kisser he was while he played with her big tits. He them grabbed her in his strong hands and flipped her off him onto her back and tore off her bra, pantyhose and then her panties and spread her legs open and drove his head between her legs and tongued her soaking wet pussy. Mom said he made her cum three times while he sucked and tongued her pussy, something my step –dad could never do nor my father. I wanted to slap her at that moment.

I told her to shut up but my aunt wanted more of the nasty details, so my mom continued much to my disgust. She quickly ordered another drink from the bar and downed it the second the waiter brought it to her, but not before she slapped his ass as he walked away. My mother was out of control.

She said after her hot stripper tongue fucked her pussy, he climbed back over top of her, his face covered in her sex juices and kissed her roughly. She said she could taste herself in his mouth. For some odd reason when she said this, my own pussy began to tingle. I began to envision what it would be like to feel one of the strippers go down on me like that. I felt my panties begin to get moist. Next Mom said she reached down and ripped off his g-string exposing his rock hard 9 inch cock. She gripped it with her hand and rubbed it up and down her pussy making it nice and wet and looked at him and said, “Fuck me big boy!” and guided his hard dick into her pussy. She said his cock felt so incredible deep inside her as he began to pump in and out of her wet pussy.

He brought her to orgasm two more times before he pulled out and slid his cock between her big tits and tit fucked her. He told her he loved her huge tits and that they felt fantastic wrapped around his dick. His dick was so long that every thrust forward, the tip of his cock fucked her mouth. Mom said his dick was leaking a lot of precum and she sucked it all. By now my panties were soaking wet, even though I couldn’t stand my mother being such a slut.

Mom continued to brag about her stud fuck. After he tit fucked her she said that he rolled her onto her hands and knees and shoved two large pillows under her hips. He spread her legs apart and tongued her ass. My aunt gasped and groaned and I watched her squirm in her seat. I could tell she was as wet as I was listening to my mom’s details of her fuck romp. Mom said she had never been fucked in her lifetime in a position like this. It made me realize my step-dad was boring in bed and no wonder my mom was always such a slut.

The stripper pounded into my mother doggy style for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Mom said again that he made her cum over and over and finally when he was ready to cum, he pulled her onto her knees and told her he wanted her to swallow his load. She held up her massive double D cup tits and played with her nipples while she opened her mouth and waited for his load. He stroked his cum coated dick several times and then groaned, “Here you go sexy, take my hot cum in that sweet mouth of yours.” She said his first shot went right into her face, across her eye, up into her hair. The next shot was aimed better and she got a good mouthful of his hot cream. The third and forth shot landed on her chin and dripped onto her tits where she then massaged it into her big tits, moaning for more. He was able to shoot of three smaller spurts of cum onto her tits, and she rubbed it all into her tits and belly. Then she took this still twitching cock and licked off the drips of cum leaking from the tip. He pulled her into him, kissed her and thanked her for an incredible fuck. She watched him get dressed and kissed him goodbye and then she got dressed to come meet us.

My aunt gasped again, “You mean to tell us you didn’t shower before you got dressed? You have that man’s cum dried up on your tits right now?” Mom leaned forward into my aunt and told her to smell. My aunt carefully leaned in and squealed, “OMG I can smell his sex on you! You are such a slut!” Mom danced off onto the dance floor, smiling wickedly as she grabbed onto a young man and began to dance with him, while my friends and aunt laughed.

When I got home to my fiancé after 1 am, I was insanely turned on by Mom’s hot night. I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into bed next to my fiancé who was sound asleep. I slid underneath the sheet and quickly found my fiancé’s cock and imagined him to be one of the strippers and slipped it into my hungry mouth. Needless to say he did not stay asleep long, as his cock quickly responded to me, and Bob and I enjoyed a very intense night of sex.