Fulfilling My Aunt Needs

Every so often, we have large reunions to bring family together. The purpose is to be able to find out news about “clan members”. Now, I have this aunt. Ever since I was a little kid, I used to fantasize about grabbing beautiful breasts in my hand and slobbering on nipples, but never hers. She would bend down so she could hug me (I was really young back then) and I would get an excellent view of her cleavage, which I tried not to notice. Of course, she never concealed herself because she probably thought that I was too young to appreciate such erotic breasts. I appreciated stuff like that, but not hers. She was my clean and lovely aunt. Now that I’m 19, I just content myself with short, guilty views of her ass through her mini skirts and short shorts. She married this martial arts expert two years ago, and she usually just comes by to visit the family every Christmas time.

It was a warm Sunday evening. I lay in the hammock outside, under the moonlight, sipping some iced tea. In the background, laughter could be heard. Hmm, my parents are getting my uncles drunk, I thought. Snorting, I shifted on my side, away from the distracting and raucous laughter. With my eyes closed, my mind started to wander to fantasy-land, where girls begged to be fucked, and where anybody could be fucked. It was perfect. Already I could see their soft but firm breasts, slim figures, shapely asses, long and slender legs, and flowing juices. My eyes, in their dreamy state, went into the half-open and teary eyed condition most people get when they go to sleep.

Stirring in the back of my unconscious brain, I could hear grass being trampled upon, and my subconscious was already trying to tell me that there was someone approaching the hammock. A small sniffing sound brought me back to the real world, where I knew that I had a hard-on painfully bulging in my pants, and that it would be embarrassing to have it seen. I stood up suddenly, and in the same motion, turned to see who it was who disturbed my slumber. My aunt had the fright of her life. Obviously, she didn’t notice that I was there, and even worse, she mistook me for a bunch of pillows! Now, that really hurt my pride, because for a 18 year old, I’d say that I have a great body. My muscles are all the right proportions to my body, and in fact, define me pretty well, like the other hard and erect part of my body. I have no flab, and my butt and abs are the things which make my girlfriends get all horny over. How dare she mistake me for a bunch of pillows!

Anyway, after we both got over the initial shock at seeing each other, I was about to crack one of my stupid blonde jokes (did I tell you? she’s blonde) when I noticed that her eyes were red, and I noticed that she was the one who was making all those sniffling sounds. I came to the conclusion that she’s been crying.

“Is there anything wrong?” I asked, “i didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No, it’s not that. Let’s not talk about it…” she sobbed, keeping her head down, and walked away.

I shrugged. Maybe she’s having some money problems or something.

A few minutes later, as I was just about to doze off again, I felt a hand brush up against my face. I was surprised, and I tried to stand up again, but ended up spilling myself unto the grass.

“Auntie! what was that for? I practically broke my back!”

“Umm… I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve decided to tell you my problem, since it directly involves you…”

“Huh? Okay, shoot.”

She started quivering, and as I was expecting her to start crying again, I gained new respect in her self-control as she silenced her emotions. She started out with historic details:

She met my uncle when they were way back in high school. He was the star athlete when it came to karate. He won gold medals left and right, but then after one horrendous accident, he just stopped competing. Somebody kicked him in the eggs, and even his groinguard shattered on impact. From this point, my aunt hit the fast-forward button. she then related, with a string of strong blushes, how just the other day, after having sex with him, she took some of his semen from her pussy and had it analyzed in a lab. She was sad because she has never had a baby, she said. Sobbing again, she said that just this morning, the lab doc called and said that her husband is barren. Must have been that karate accident. From here on in her story, she then kept quiet, as if she was expecting me to say something.

“So what has this got to do with me? I wasn’t the one who mashed up his nuts! What’s my part in this, auntie?”

She looked at me in the eye. “I know about you. You peek at me every chance you get. You try to see my panty whenever I sit down in a miniskirt. You gaze down my shirt whenever I’m sitting down. You brush up against my breasts every time there’s a crowd! I’m giving you a chance to get your fill.” she said grudgingly.

“What? What the heck are you talking about?” I said, true innocence written all over my face, “I don’t even think that way about you!”

Her facial expression displayed shock. She suddenly lost all control and unmasked her desperate emotions.

“Please! I need fulfillment! You look like your uncle, and you are younger and more energetic… give me a baby!” she cried, fumbling at my belt and kissing me all over. “I’ll even pay you and lend you my body all the time! I need cock, and I want a baby! My husband will never know the difference!”

So far, my image of her was fast slipping, with my pants along with it. As for me, I was caught off-guard. Not really believing what was happening, I watched as she knelt in front of me, snapped my pants down in one motion, and attacked my dick as if she didn’t eat in a week! She started to suck me as if she were trying to commit suicide by impaling herself on my 8 inch cock. I didn’t know what to do. After the initial clamp of her hot, wet and vacuumed mouth, I started getting very erect. I was thinking: I have my beautiful aunt’s mouth around my cock! Right then and there, I started getting a pain in my dick as I hardened some more, and I could see out of my pleasure-filled eyes my aunt looking up at me for approval of her work. She sucked with such a vacuum that you’d think that she wanted to suck my brain through my dick! It felt like heaven came down on earth. I then noticed that she didn’t have a single hand on me for quite a while already. I searched, and I saw that she had the pointer fingers and middle fingers of BOTH hands inside her pants! I then couldn’t resist anymore, and I shoved her backwards on the grass, ripped off her pants, and jumped on her. She gasped when our groins came in contact. I grabbed both butt cheeks and literally pulled her to my hard member, impaling her as deep as I could go. By now, only her head and upper back were on the grass, because I was fucking the rest of her like crazy.

“Uhhnnnnng!” she moaned quietly, so that the family inside the house won’t hear what was happening in the backyard, “Fuck me harder! More! More! Uhhhnnnng! Uhhhnnnng!”

By now, she had drool dripping out of her open mouth, which made me wonder whether it was really drool, or if I came in her mouth without knowing it. She arched her head back, eyes closed in ecstasy, her mouth open with drool.

All of a sudden, she gasped, twitching and shuddering all over the place. No sound came out of her open mouth, which looked like she was screaming a silent cry of pleasure. This continued for about 10 seconds, and all throughout, her warm, soaking wet pussy squeezed and milked my cock with a single contraction, and I unloaded my cum into her. I exploded with such force that some cum splashed out in a jet burst, soaking us both from our pubic mounds all the way to the ground with cum.

Afterwards, she collapsed, panting, and got up, hugging me wearily. We both dressed up and went inside after that.

I soon had a son, although I could never admit it to anybody. My aunt kept her part of the bargain. I got cash, blowjobs whenever I needed it, and a few more wild fuckings. She e-mailed me recently, and I hear that she might have another baby soon! Clue: she was here for Thanksgiving just three months ago!